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Success Partners

What is a Success Partner?

The EmployHER Pittsburgh (EP) success partner serves as a vital part of the EP Initiative by providing initial
connection with and ongoing support to the participants. Success partners help participants navigate the event on
the day and ensure they connect with all the needed resources and have all the tools that they need to succeed,
including a self-directed and individualized success plan.

Who can volunteer as a Success Partner?

Anyone with a passion for supporting women achieve their goals who can commit to attending the event and any follow up. This opportunity is ideal for Professional Women’s Groups.


What does a Volunteer Success Partner do?

  • Guide EmployHER participants through the opportunity fair on the day of the event

  • Work with EmployHER participants to create an individualized success plan that has tangible takeaways and goals

  • Follow up with EmployHER participants to ensure they have the resources and support needed to succeed

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